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Spray Foam Insulation Installation Services for Los Angeles General Contractors

Roof and Attic Spaces

Spray Foam in Attic Spaces

Applying SPF to the inside ceiling of an attic in a typical occupied home will decrease the home’s energy consumption by around 30% to 40%.

Also with most HVAC systems there is significant leakage from the ducts. This is often in the range of 10% – 15%. When applying spray foam insulation to the attic space, this leakage is reduced and any remaining leakage is contained within the conditioned space of the home. This effectively eliminates the loss of conditioned air.

HVAC equipment no longer has to work overtime to keep the home cool the home and remove excess humidity.

Sealing soffit vents with spray polyurethane foam insulation controls wind-driven moisture and even direct rain water ingress into the attic space. This helps to improve the general stability and reduce general weathering of the whole roof and attic area.

When SPF is applied to the attic, sources of major leaks in the rook become easy to detect and can then be repaired.

SPF is unaffected by the wetting drying process where there are leaks, this means the spray foam is able to maintain its original performance once dried.

The result of the above factors all result in the attic’s temperature typically staying within just 5° to 10° Fahrenheit of the home’s living space.

Bottom line, by applying spray foam insulation to an attic space, most home owners will realize improved stability and less weathering to the roof area along with better efficiency of their HVAC system and lower utility bills.

Technical Detail – Spray Foam Insulation in Attic Spaces

All the vents in the attic will be sealed. The attic will therefore become a “Non Vented Attic”.  If there is a heating systems air handler in the attic it will now be operating in a conditioned space. This means the air handler will work 30% less to regulate the temperature in the house. SPF can be an excellent improvement to most roof systems. As well as dramatically increasing insulation values it will also strengthen the roof, improve water resistance and fix leaks.Open cell or closed cell can be applied. If you are applying open cell foam and the attic is used for storage, an ignition barrier coating must be applied after the open cell foam has been applied.


Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation for Flat Roof Systems

SPF in and of itself is an excellent roof system. It will strengthen the roof, improve water resistance and fix leaks. Roofing spray foam is different to the foam applied in walls and comes in various densities. Usually 2.5 lb., 2.8 lb. and 3 lb. densities.

It can be applied directly to the existing roof system (depending on how many layers of existing roofs and what type of existing roof) or over new plywood. It is then coated with a white Title 24, Energy Star elastomeric acrylic roof coating “Cool Roof”. 1” of foam is typically applied which will add a R value of 6.5 plus the reflective coating.

Technical Detail – Spray Foam Insulation Flat Roofing Systems