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Spray Foam Insulation Installation Services for Los Angeles General Contractors

Recreational Vehicle

Spray Foam Insulation for Recreational Vehicles

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5th wheels. motorhomes, trailers and refrigerated trucks can benefit from the application of spray foam insulation. As most of these vehicles are frames using two by twos an inch and a half to two inches of closed cell spay foam can make a huge difference.

Spray Foam for Structural Strength

RVers who travel to colder climates will obviously benefit the most. However, because closed cell foam is highly impervious to water and is very s strong it can also help with the structure of the RV as well.

People working on renovation projects for their RV should consider applying spray foam for this reason. Your old motor-home can literally be given a new lease of life with spray foam insulation.

No job too small! Ask about our special rates for RVs

special small project rates to make these projects practical for RVers

We find that it is rarely well understood just how much applying spray foam can help to stabilize the general structure of any vehicle. This is true for pretty much any type of RV or commercial vehicle.

When you take your motor-home out you are in fact subjecting it to a continuously major earth quake. Spray foam stabilizes vehicles, as a result they better withstand the ravages of time as well a off road conditions. Since the structure is stiffened, the vehicles will also make much less general rattling noises.

Although these are relatively small jobs, Burton and Clark Construction provide special small project rates to make these projects practical.

Technical Considerations – Spray Foam for RVs

Most RV and trailer walls and ceilings are constructed with 2 x 2 wood framing or metal tubing. That leaves a very small area for insulation.

Insulation that is installed by the manufacture is typically fiberglass insulation sometimes including a vapor barrier. With 2 inches of space, this material is virtually ineffective. This type of insulation does not seal the air transferring into or out of the conditioned space with very little sound barrier.

Applying 2lb. closed cell spray polyurethane foam insulation is the best choice when installing new insulation. It works well for several reasons.

  • Small Project RV Renovation Remodel Seal Beach Los Angeles Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation - Burton and Clark ConstructionAs a thermal barrier you get an R-7 per inch so it works very well in small spaces.
  • Standard R-13 fiberglass batt insulation is 3.5 inches thick.
  • R-13 insulation in residential housing is quite common so the R value using SPF is comparable with standard residential construction.
  • Most importantly SPF has an air barrier.

SPF is applied by spraying it onto the surface as a liquid and immediately expanding seal all cracks and seams creating a 100% air seal.

This creates a barrier keeping the conditioned air in and keeping the unwanted cold or hot air out. Now that you have a complete air seal, dust pollen and any other unwanted particles in the air out of the RV making it a very healthy environment.

SPF Insulation has a Moisture Barrier Keeping Humidity out of the RV Making the RV a Very Comfortable Environment

  • The moisture barrier will help keep water out of the RV if the outer enclosure has leaks

SPF Insulation has an Excellent Sound Barrier

  • Traveling will be a much quieter ride as well as when you are parked

SPF insulation will Add Structural Integrity to the RV

  • When traveling, RVs are moving and twisting material constantly loosening screws and seals
  • SPF will tighten up the structure adding to the sound barrier, a solid ride and less maintenance on the RV

Now that you have installed the best insulation on the market and the conditioned air is not escaping through gaps and cracks in the shell of the RV your HVAC will not be turning on nearly as much.

This will save maintenance costs and replacement costs on your HVAC equipment and generator. In order to install SPF insulation, you must first remove the interior paneling of the RV exposing wires and plumbing.

If you want to add any electrical or plumbing now would be the time to do it prior to installing the SPF insulation.

Any maintenance to wiring or plumbing is strongly recommended at this time. SPF insulation is very durable so spraying the under carriage is also recommended.

The undercarriage must be degreased and very clean prior to install.