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Spray Foam Insulation Installation Services for Los Angeles General Contractors

Spray Foam Insulation for Commercial Building in Los Angeles 

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An expert from Burton & Clark Construction, Inc. applying spray foam to a wall in a commercial building in Los Angeles, California. Learn more about polyurethane foam application by clicking here!

Insulation is one of the most important elements in constructing any kind of building. It plays a vital role in the use of energy, the control of the levels of sound, and protection against pests. In many commercial buildings in Los Angeles, spray foam is used for insulation. It is an increasingly popular material among commercial establishments, because it is durable, effective, and cost-efficient. Burton & Clark Construction, Inc. is a trusted company that provides professional spray foam installation services. Know the benefits of using spray foam for a commercial property

The Difference Between Spray Foam for Commercial and Residential Projects

Whether a building is residential or commercial, proper insulation is an essential part of the construction. These days, an increasing number contractors opt to use spray polyurethane foam (SPF) for insulation. Spray foam has been tested and proven to be a more effective thermal insulation, a more efficient air barrier, and a more reliable water resistive blockade.

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Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation applied to a building’s roof in California. Learn more about commercial spray foam application for roofs by clicking here!

Residential structures are usually applied with 2 to 3 inches of spray foam, but commercial building are ideally sprayed with 4 inches. Commercial establishments need more SPF, because they’re built to handle more people, and so insulation has to be denser. More sound also echoes through its walls, and so a thicker sound barrier is needed.

Like any building product, proper installation must only be performed by a professional. Experts like Burton & Clark Construction, Inc. are trained in using correct handling techniques with safety precautions employed and followed.

How Commercial Structures Benefit from Spray Foam

SPF has many advantages for commercial buildings. Since it is highly effective in keeping heat out, SPF primarily decreases energy consumption for air conditioning. Consequently, the company’s overhead costs are reduced. It is also efficient in preventing sound from echoing across large spaces, which is a necessary factor in creating commercial structures that people can enjoy.

Burton & Clark has completed numerous commercial spray foam projects, and these are a two of the most recent ones:

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Creating a soundproof music studio in Glendale Boulevard in Los Angeles. Spray foam was used to creating a durable roofing and an effective sound barrier in this project. Click here for more polyurethane application projects by Burton & Clark Construction, Inc.

Glendale Boulevard Los Angeles SPF Insulation Project

A spray foam insulation project was recently completed in Glendale Boulevard in Los Angeles. The structure was a music studio, and the goal was to apply insulation that could create a completely soundproof room.

For aesthetic purposes, the client wanted the studio’s wooden ceiling to be seen. This was challenging to achieve, because to create a soundproof structure, insulation had to be applied to the ceiling. In order to meet the request of the client, the team from Burton & Clark applied closed cell spray foam insulation on top of the roof and installed a roofing system as well.

The team cleaned the original roof first, and then they started spraying. They sprayed 4 and 3 quarter inches of polyurethane foam on the roof, which had an R30 insulation. The whole area was approximately 10,000 sq. ft., and it took the team a week to complete the project.

The client is happy with the outcome, because the room is completely soundproof, the roof is properly insulated, and the natural wooden ceiling is visible inside the studio.

Polyurethane application requirements

A member of our construction team mounted on a scissor lift to properly apply the polyurethane spray foam on the walls of this Target distribution center in Southern California. Learn about the special requirements for the application of spray foam by clicking here!

Spray Foam Wall Application for Target Distribution Center

Another spray foam insulation project was completed in a Target distribution center for Southern California. The building in Colton was huge and made of metal sidings. During summer, the inside of the structure becomes very hot. The client in this project wanted insulation applied, so that the climate conditions inside can remain cool even with hot weather outside. To achieve the client’s request, the team from Burton & Clark applied a regular closed cell foam on the entire metal siding exterior.

The area to be applied with spray foam was 45 feet tall. The team had to use a scissor lift to properly apply the material on the walls. 2 inches of polyurethane foam with R13 insulation was sprayed on the building’s metal siding.

The client was satisfied with the service provided to them, because the walls were properly insulated. The heat was prevented from penetrating the building and the temperature inside remained cool.

Thickness of spray foam insulation

Metal siding of this commercial structure was completely covered with spray foam insulation. The client was very satisfied with the outcome of this project. Learn more about adequate thickness of spray foam to meet your needs. Click here!

Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Application Expert in Los Angeles

Polyurethane spray foam has to be applied by an expert, because it not safe to do so on your own. Also, improper application may cost more to fix. Burton & Clark Construction, Inc. takes pride in their many years of experience in providing quality spray foam application services. All their workers are trained in how to properly handle the product and how to correctly apply it to walls, ceilings, and roofs of commercial buildings.

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Polyurethane spray foam application has to be performed by an experienced professional. Burton & Clark has many years of experience in the application of spray foam. Contact them today to know more about their services!

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