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Spray Foam Insulation Installation Services for Los Angeles General Contractors

Application of Environmentally Friendly Spray Foam Insulation for Sustainable Commercial Buildings in Los Angeles

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In this picture, polyurethane spray foam is being applied by an expert to the wall of a commercial establishment in Culver City, Los Angeles. At Burton & Clark Construction, Inc., our technicians are all skilled and trained on how to properly install spray foam. Want to read about our most recent projects? Click here!

Is spray foam harmful to the environment? It depends. There are people who are very particular about using materials that can contribute to the destruction of our planet. Not all spray foam is bad for the earth. At Burton & Clark, we’ve recently completed an insulation application project for a commercial building in Culver City in Los Angeles where we used a biodegradable type of spray foam. 

Earth-Friendly Commercial Building in Los Angeles

Burton & Clark Construction, Inc. was recently hired to install spray foam insulation in a five-story commercial building in Culver City, Los Angeles. Culver City and Santa Monica are areas in Southern California that are really pushing for more earth-friendly infrastructures. Ordinances in these places require contractors to make sure that the new buildings they construct are sustainable, and the materials used in construction should be organic and biodegradable.

Biodegradable Spray Foam Application

Closed cell vs. Open cell spray foam

The spray foam insulation used for the commercial building project in Culver City, Los Angeles is a biodegradable type of polyurethane manufactured by Demilec. There are various kinds of choose from, and they’re categorized as either closed cell or open cell. Read more about the types of spray foam insulation. Click here!

There are many kinds of spray foam products on the market, and they’re differentiated from each other by their color. Because of the strict requirements for constructing commercial building in Los Angeles, California, our team of technicians had to carefully choose the brand to use for this project.

To make sure that we meet the requirements of using an environmentally safe material, our technicians used a biodegradable type of spray foam. The product is derived from soybeans, and it is manufactured by Demilec. This two-pound, closed cell type of foam is as reliable as other polyurethane spray products. It is capable of efficiently sealing areas from air and water infiltration. Just like other types of spray foam, this soybean-based material adds structural integrity to a building, and is an environmentally sound insulation solution.

Lowering Utility Costs by Increasing Strength of Insulation

Our spray foam technicians applied four inches of biodegradable polyurethane to the entire five-story building. The prescriptive value of the four-inch foam is R26, but its performance value is like an R50. This means that the spray foam applied performs just like an R50 foam, although it actually is just an R26. It effectively seals gaps and cracks, so that air is kept out. Because of its capacity to completely keep the structure air-tight, the building’s insulation value increases. Consequently, the costs of managing temperature inside the building decrease.

Spray foam as a sound barrier

Whether it’s a residential or commercial structure, there are many benefits to installing spray foam to your establishment. Besides providing dependable insulation and increasing a building’s structural integrity, it also lowers utility costs and acts as an effective sound barrier. Read more about how polyurethane is used as a sound barrier! Click here!

Commercial vs. Residential Building Spray Foam Application Projects

Commercial building projects differ from residential jobs mainly in scale. Commercial establishments are bigger, and they often require thicker insulation. The Culver City commercial building, for example, was a massive assignment. There were five buildings that the team of spray foam technicians had to cover, and there were several change orders that needed to be completed.

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This picture shows the exterior of the commercial building and the construction elevator. This establishment in Culver City, Los Angeles is one of Burton & Clark’s most recent clients. Biodegradable spray foam insulation was installed to meet the city’s requirements. Read more about the most recent projects that our team has completed. Click here!

In the image above, you can see the exterior of the building and the construction elevator.  As part of a change order, our polyurethane foam technicians were required to apply spray foam all around the soffits.  This included spraying underneath the soffits.  In the photo, you can see the green foam insulation in the image under the soffits.  Biodegradable spray foam was applied to all the outside soffit areas. The picture can give you an insight on the scale of work that had to be completed for this project in Culver City.

Burton and Clark Construction, Inc. is geared up to handle all kinds of establishments, from small residential buildings to very large projects like this commercial structure in Culver City, Los Angeles.

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The biodegradable polyurethane applied to the walls and soffits of the commercial building in this picture was installed by a spray foam insulation professional. Burton & Clark offers spray foam application services for both residential and commercial establishments in California. With many years of experience in polyurethane insulation application, our team of experts are geared up to handle all kinds of building insulation projects.

Spray Foam Insulation Expert in Los Angeles

Spray foam is a material that has to be installed by an insulation professional. An experienced polyurethane installation technician knows how to properly apply the product, so that it effectively seals the walls or ceiling of a building.

At Burton & Clark Construction, Inc. our technicians have many years of experience in providing polyurethane spray foam application services for both commercial and residential buildings in Los Angeles, California. We provide installation services for walls, ceilings, and roofing systems. For more information about our products and services, call us today at +1 (855) 226-5577!

Burton & Clark services

Burton & Clark Construction, Inc. is a trusted spray foam insulation company in California. Our team of polyurethane application technicians are well experienced in handling residential and commercial projects in Los Angeles. They are reputable for providing quality services and keeping our clients satisfied. Our clients can choose to use any brand of polyurethane foam they want. For more information about the products and services that we offer, click here!