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What would be the benefit to having spray foam insulation applied to interiors walls?

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Benefit of Open Cell insulation for Interior Walls

Benefits of Open Cell Insulation for Interior Walls

Open cell spray foam insulation works best for interior walls and raised floors. The benefits of installing open cell in these locations is if a thermal barrier, an air barrier and or a sound barrier is required.

Sound Barrier

Consider a media room where the requirement is that sound is contained. The reverse might be a recording room where external sounds need to be blocked. On the other hand maybe a home owner simple wishes to ensure bedrooms are kept as quiet as possible. Reading rooms, library’s, or even condos in noisy locations can all benefit from open cell foam insulation. Open cell is appropriate for both residential and commercial applications where a sound barrier is required.

Sound comes from vibrations and open cell foam has a ½ lb. density. Compared to closed cell foam it has only one quarter the density. Closed cell foam has a 2 lb. density.

Bottom line? Open cell foam is far superior to closed cell foam, fiberglass and cellulose insulation as a sound barrier.

Application Examples Open Cell Foam Insulation

Custom wine cellars are an up and coming desirable feature in a home. Commercial wine cellars are also very common. These types of specialist applications benefit from the thermal and air barrier characteristics of open cell spray foam insulation.

Often it is not necessary to heat or cool an entire house. In today’s energy conscious world zoned based HVAC systems are becoming more popular. In this environment open cell form insulation is idea to improve the efficiency of the overall HVAC system.

Less Expensive

The cost per sq. ft. is significantly less than closed cell foam making it a good choice for interior wall and floor applications.

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